An exciting facet of the college experience is the opportunity to study abroad. While not everyone can afford it or manage to line-up their course schedule in a way that makes studying abroad feasible, for those who can, and who are accepted into programs abroad, they’re seizing an opportunity unlike any other.

Immersing themselves in a foreign culture, exploring personally-uncharted territories, and meeting new and interesting people are all apart of the experience. They often leave after their summers, semesters, or years abroad wishing they didn’t have to return to their stateside universities and colleges.

Well, there’s a solution! And it doesn’t require applying for a couple extra student loans to finance weekend trips to the Amalfi Coast! Volunteering abroad. From Cambodia to Fiji, the opportunities are seemingly endless, and stretch as far around the globe as you’re willing to go.

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Here’s a handful of the most exciting, interesting, and immersive volunteer abroad programs that you should be applying to now, according to Volunteer Forever!

Based in the UK, this non-profit organization offers one of the most affordable volunteer programs in the world. Partnering with projects in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and Ghana, the organization receives hundreds of applicants a year to be placed in Agape-owned or -funded hospitals, clinics, orphanages, schools and community projects throughout Africa.

In addition to the generous support you’ll be giving, Agape also offers a variety of additional outings such as mountain climbing trips and safaris. Founded by Guillaume Lefevre in 2011, Agape is unique in that it offers free comprehensive travel insurance with all of their packages. Yes, free. Yes, all.

Around for over 20 years, ISL grants their volunteers the opportunities to work in veterinary, public health, dental, medical, optometry, nursing, pharmacy and physical therapy programs in countries from Panama to Belize. With programs starting at $995, the organization, founded by Michael Birnbaum, has a goal “To support cultural awareness, service-based learning, and sustainable development projects through experiential and responsible volunteer travel programs that inspire local and global service.”

The best part about ISV, which started in 2002, is that it is connected to over 300 universities worldwide, providing internships and college credit for students. With programs ranging from conservation to education, ISV has sent over 30,000 students across six continents. Their Thailand program specifically focuses on environmental conservation and protecting endangered Asian elephants, placing students in positions to assist with education, development, and community outreach.