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The Foundation for Detroit’s Future

A federal judge, Detroit emergency manager Kevin Orr, and a dozen non-profit organizations came together in 2015 to pump $366 million into the Motor City over the next twenty years, helping to pull it out of bankruptcy and aid in providing government pensions as per the city’s obligation. Benefactors making the largest impact include the Ford Foundation, providing $125 million, and the Kresge Foundation, donating $100 million. Additionally, a handful of donors pledged $100 million to the Detroit Institute of Art and its works, which was in danger of liquidation to pay creditors to the city of Detroit.

The Howard G. Buffet Foundation

Howard G. Buffet believes that hunger fuels conflict and conflict impacts hunger. A farmer himself, has created this anti-hunger campaign which finances projects “to fund private seed companies in Africa, to get Nicaraguan farmers the legal help to get title to their land, and has partnered with other organizations to give $150,000 fellowships to launch innovative social-enterprise projects addressing hunger and poverty in Liberia, Malawi, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone.” Buffet points out that the average farmer gets about forty growing seasons over his or her lifetime, that’s forty seasons to grow a profitable crop, forty chances to get it right. He wants to make sure those farmers get it right the first time in areas where its needed most. 

The Girl Scouts of the USA

Whether you anxiously await your coworker to bring in his daughters; annual order form, rush to grocery store parking lot in hopes to see a troop selling those coveted boxes, or simply know better than to turn down a Tagalong or Samoa, the Girl Scouts have long been a household name. Bringing their cookie sales in the twenty-first century, the girls have brought their same charm and panache to the digital world with their Digital Cookie program. Girl Scouts now build their own websites to sell cookies, whilst simultaneously gaining key skills and knowledge in website design, marketing, business management, product tracking, customer service and internet safety. These girls aren’t simply gaining badges, they’re clearly getting ready to lead their generations.