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Make-A-Wish Foundation

The ¬†Make-A-Wish Foundation¬†is an incredible non-profit organization that has been granting the wishes for children all over the world that are suffering from life threatening diseases. This organization was inspired by a young child named Chris Greicius. Chris was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 7 and his dream was to be policeman. After being diagnosed […]

The Goodness of Generosity–Part 2

For part one of this story, click here.   A 2012 study from the Health Psychology journal found that altruistic volunteers will live longer than their non-volunteering counterparts. Additionally, a national survey of 4,500 American adults–the 2010 United Healthcare/Volunteer Match Do Good Live Well Study–uncovered that those who volunteer have been known to experience less […]

The Goodness of Generosity

Volunteering time and energy to organizations, as well as giving donations towards charities and non-profits, have their obvious benefits. Selflessness, doing right by others, beefing up the resume are the obvious benefits, but what about the others? The ones that aren’t so obvious. Numerous studies have found that acts of charity actually has positive mental […]

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