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The Goodness of Generosity

Volunteering time and energy to organizations, as well as giving donations towards charities and non-profits, have their obvious benefits. Selflessness, doing right by others, beefing up the resume are the obvious benefits, but what about the others? The ones that aren’t so obvious. Numerous studies have found that acts of charity actually has positive mental […]

Volunteering Abroad — The Top Programs

An exciting facet of the college experience is the opportunity to study abroad. While not everyone can afford it or manage to line-up their course schedule in a way that makes studying abroad feasible, for those who can, and who are accepted into programs abroad, they’re seizing an opportunity unlike any other. Immersing themselves in […]

The College Volunteer

Many of us beef up our resumes with a myriad of volunteering experiences in high school with the hopes to land a spot at our first choice college or university. And it works. All those breast cancer brunches, soup kitchen hours, and railroad cleanups make any incoming freshman’s resume stand out with well-rounded activity and selflessness. […]

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