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How To Plan A Successful Charity Run

Location One of the first steps in planning a charity run is to decide the location of the event and the distance your participants will be running. Will it be a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or even smaller? Deciding this gives everyone a clear idea of what they are getting into before they sign up. […]

Some of the Top Philanthropists in The Word Today

Warren Buffett One of the top philanthropists in the world is no other than Warren Buffett. Over the course of his lifetime, he has donated over 30 billion dollars! One of his biggest achievements was launching the Giving Pledge with good friend Bill Gates. The Giving Pledge was launched in 2010 and it inspires the […]

Make-A-Wish Foundation

The  Make-A-Wish Foundation is an incredible non-profit organization that has been granting the wishes for children all over the world that are suffering from life threatening diseases. This organization was inspired by a young child named Chris Greicius. Chris was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 7 and his dream was to be policeman. After being diagnosed […]

Make a Difference: National Volunteer Week Part 2

To read part one of this post, click here! Spotlight the Seniors Often not at the center of attention, seniors in our neighborhoods and communities frequently rely on the selflessness of others to remain healthy and happy as well as perform daily tasks, such as grocery shopping and laundry. Keep those people in mind–the elderly window who […]

Make a Difference: National Volunteer Week

We shouldn’t need an excuse to inspire, recognize, and encourage ourselves and those around us to join or create initiatives to engage with and improve our communities, countries, and the world. However, National Volunteer Week is just that excuse. And while I believe engaging in philanthropic, selfless acts on a daily basis is something we as […]

The Asha Orphanage Organization in Kolkata

Last month I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Kolkata, India working on a journalism project which was focused on the Asha Orphanage Organization. Kolkata is the former capitol of British India, and the British influences architecturally and culturally are quite obvious. Now known as India’s cultural and intellectual capitol, the Lonely Planet regarded Kolkata as “…a daily […]

The Best of 2015: Non-Profit Innovations Part 2

To read part one of this post, click here!   The Foundation for Detroit’s Future A federal judge, Detroit emergency manager Kevin Orr, and a dozen non-profit organizations came together in 2015 to pump $366 million into the Motor City over the next twenty years, helping to pull it out of bankruptcy and aid in providing […]

The Best of 2015: Non-Profit Innovations

Some of these organizations came up with their own original and creative ideas to revitalize arts in underserved sections of cities or fight ebola. Others tapped into the genius of others, and utilized viral sensations like the “ice bucket challenge” to bring awareness to otherwise unknown disease. Regardless of where the innovations came from, certain […]

Non-Profits Created by College Students–Part 2

To read part one of this story, click here! Patient 9 Foundation In 2010, Cole Winarick was a freshman at the University of Delaware while his father began undergoing an experimental treatment for his melanoma. Cole’s father was the ninth patient in his phase of the clinical trial being conducted at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute […]

Non-Profits Created by College Students

Being in college is tough. Not only are you adjusting to the idea of being “on your own” but you’re also balancing your now-boundless social life with school work and classes, volunteering, sports and exercise, and a job or work study program. All while doing your own laundry and dishes! No matter how busy or […]

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