Katharine Diane McCallum travelingOne of Katharine Diane McCallum’s strongest passions in life is philanthropy and using her connections and abilities to help people in need and who are lacking in opportunity and access to basic art classes and introduction. Since she was young, Katharine has been drawn to the arts, both as a form of release and as a form of education. Over the years, Katharine has approached art from a number of different viewpoints and mediums. She is committed to using her good fortune to help those who may not have the same access to art and use it to open new doors and opportunities for others.

Katharine Diane McCallum has been active in philanthropy and community service since she was in high school at Trinity Valley School. As an active member of the school’s community service club, she gained years of experience in organizing and planning community service trips and opportunities for herself and the other members of the club. She has also worked with services such as the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth, as a junior volunteer for Cook Children’s Hospital, and as a pen pal for soldiers serving overseas. Katharine has also worked to provide low-cost immunizations to children and has raised money for a number of art organizations, including theatre and dance troupes.

Now that she’s older, Katharine Diane McCallum is in a better position to help those in need through her family’s foundation. She is vice-president of the McCallum Family Foundation and hopes to open doors for people who are less fortunate. With a focus on art and integrating art into both school and personal lives, Katharine is working to show that art can be a way to improve your life and change the way you think and view the world. She has already introduced introductory dance classes to her high school and through her foundation, has gotten the program both a practice studio as well as an office for admission and tuition purposes.

Katharine hopes that as the dance program at Trinity Valley School continues to grow, she will be able to help with upcoming advances within the program. The introduction of dance to the school is a personal interest as Katharine was a dancer all throughout her grade school life. As something she herself would have been involved in while at the school, Katharine is passionate about the growth and expansion of the TVS Dance program.